Narcotic Nutrition was created to bring sports supplements back to reality and away from condescending marketing spin. Fitness is simple and so is nutrition. Our mission is to disrupt the current sports and fitness industry mentality of using heavily processed and chemically injected supplements and instead build a new approach where naturally occurring unrefined alkaline wholefood supplements, like hemp protein, are king.


We’re not governed by a board of executives or investors looking to cut costs at every opportunity. And we don’t have skyscrapers full of Sales and Marketing gurus trying to bamboozling you into buying the latest impure and unnecessary product. We’re a real start-up company run by real people in here Australia. What we are passionate about is delivering real naturally occurring supplements that your body can actually utilise. Throw down your fake dessert flavoured protein booster and come get real with us. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you get results! Simple.


Our Hemp Protein is sourced directly from farmers and growers in Canada. Currently Canada has one of the most well established hemp industries in the world,  so in order to keep your product constantly good we will continue to source our products from their. We are currently talking with a few newly established Australian Hemp Farms about a local supply of Hemp protein, however that is still months away.

We don’t stand for artificial sweeteners, thickening and colouring agents, heated chemical processing (isolation and concentration), preservatives or hormone manipulating chemicals.


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